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          反应烧结碳化硅节能框架 Reaction bonded silicon carbide frame beam








          RBSiC frame beam used in tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, and other kind of kilns as loading structure. It has high bearing strength during high temperature, no bending or deformation in long-term application, long lifetime, good thermal conductivity, especially reduced energy consumption without increasing weight of kiln car,can replace traditional kiln car structure made by normal SiC batts and mullite posts. This beam frame increased the products loading capacity, reduced the gas and electricity consuming, shorten the time of firing, it’s the most energy-efficient kiln furniture products at present, an idea choice for tableware, sanitary ware and electrical ceramics industry.

          Outstanding features:

          ◆ Light weight, only 30% of traditional SiC.

          ◆ Large loading capacity, 1.4 times than traditional SiC.

          ◆ 30% Energy saving than traditional SiC.

          ◆ Pushing speed of kiln car increased 40% compared to traditional SiC.


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